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The Reaper Gaming team is made up of a fine collection of misfits and dossers. The idea of a gaming site had long been kicked around for over a decade but all involved were too lazy to bother and decided to just play a shit load of games and get drunk instead. After Reaper, Blind Side G and Exciting Alien were asked to be part of a Gaming television programme for Irish national TV during the mid 2000’s, a spark was lit! The show died after a year due to the TV station going pop and selling itself to another company but the gaming programme itself was highly rated… despite their involvement.

After that the lads soon got restless and wanted to get back into the gaming industry side of things, plus they missed all the free swag and launch parties. On a whim Reaper decide to set up a page to see what would happen… Despite hating the name, all the guys soon joined with the addition of ‘Master Gii Bag’, a long time friend and quirky individual who took up the responsibility of Movies and now Comics on the site. Next was Deadman who is also a long time friend of the gang. We then came to the attention of the mad English games journalist ‘Doc R’ who jumped on board the crazy train. The Crew are a happily deranged bunch and like any family, have allot of in fighting but it all comes good when they get drunk and play a few games. Reaper Gaming is always happy to add the right people to the roster, but be warned – they are a picky bunch! If you feel up to the challenge you can contact them here at Reaper Towers: REAPER.GAMING@Gmail.com

Combined, the Reaper Crew have over 175 years of gaming experience!! Talk about wasting time eh! All of them are mature gamers with immature atitudes and cater for like minded Dudes and Dude’ts. The Crew likes to think that over the years they have developed a keen insight and good judgment on what are the best games or what sucks balls and indeed what is to come before it happens. Mainly they just want to have some fun along the way, its all about games after all!. They hope you agree… If not, you know where to go and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!

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