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The Reaper

Born in New York and moving to Ireland at a young age set this individual on a downward path. Despite his crap spelling and drunken posts this mountain of a man has a very good insight into games, this comes from years of laziness and a lack of interest in schooling. Many a home work assignment was forgotten about when the lure of the Spectrum 48k’s high pitched loading screen called out. This led to avoiding a life of hard work for many years and he opted to live the dream of playing games, listening to metal and getting drunk on a regularly basis.

Reaper is into all formats of gaming that have no kiddie or cuddly elements in them, ‘if you can’t shoot, crash, bludgeon or blow it up then bin it’ describes his taste, zombies are a big favourite too. Reaps eventually had to give in and make some money to support his addictions especially the ‘Counter Strike’ one.

He currently draws pictures for a living but has great ambitions of selling games, writing novels and getting all his long hair back onto his head. With a love of all things fantasy, horror and Sci-Fi in all formats, he is usually off daydreaming about things that don’t yet exist. Always interested in some whisky and giggles this man is destined to be penniless in later years and begging for game money. Reaper is the founder and general dogsbody of the site.

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