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Master Gii Bag

Tall, dark and handsome… well, tallish and attractive to large ugly women, this slightly deranged individual likes to move around and never stays in one place for long, possibly due to his porn habit being constantly uncovered. He is a talented artist with a wicked sense of humour and has a flair for writing, despite having a short attention span. Gii Bag also lived the dream of doing very little in his youth apart from movies, games, music and drinking but at least he learnt how to spell properly. Fond of drunken pave diving and crashing cars, this odd ball is slightly dangerous but fun company. That said he likes to take good care of himself and keeps slim and trim by eating the cheapest food possible and is very proud of his thick head of hair… for now.

He is a gaming veteran of the PC shooter and RTS days and would happily disappear for days to play Starcraft but now practices a more relaxed approach to gaming… if it’s free – he will play it, and he always gets them free! Being a musician and music lover he makes a good drummer for drunken gaming nights but is confused by all the coloured buttons on the plastic guitar and he truly cannot sing. A keen interest in football and footy games means he is always up for a good old lad’s night in with a bit of Pro Evo or Fifa but is a less than gracious looser.Master Gii Bag likes to take a few snaps for the site giving him justfication for buying a pricy camera and is currently chief editor of Movies and Comics on the site.

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