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Doc is a gaming veteran that has been lucky enough to make a career out of this passion, which is just as well, as his other passions range from unhealthy to the downright perverse. Doc has had the pleasure of writing for many a gaming publication as a paid employee over the years with booze and smokes being counted as tender and hand shandy’s considered as yearly bonuses. He cut his gaming teeth on the ‘Philips Videopac G7000’ after thieving it from a sibling and later graduated through to the Commodore 64 and Amiga 1200, a truly vintage line-up. The Doctor considers himself somewhat of a gaming historian as a result and you would be hard pushed to find a title that escapes his vast brain-base catalogue of games gone by.

He is no less involved in today’s great gaming goings-on and is probing every new tid-bit of gaming info with his big dirty scalpel. As a youngster the Doc was forced deeper into the world of games due to his bumbling mumbles and unnerving attempts to attract girls. By his own admission he was left “holding coats” for other lads while they got lucky, this left him a shambling wreck with an intense hatred for all ‘Jock’ types and a deep seeded lust for revenge, all of which still persists to this day. Being an avid Sci-Fi head and follower of Fantasy media led him to the dark rooms of Roleplaying making him lethal with a pair of dice and a sharp imagination, which of course has bled into his video gaming tastes.

Locked away in his Laboratory wandering the cellars and catacombs of Reaper Towers with his collection of “fine herbs and exotic elixirs” Doc spends his free time submerged in MMO’s, PC games and 1950’s B-Movies. Doctor Recondite works on all areas of the site, and is a more than valuable contributor as his wealth of knowledge and ability is rivalled only by his tolerance for booze and other stimulants.

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