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Petrol Dead-Head


Never has there been a man more obsessed with ones game score than the Giant Deadman. He eats, breaths and smokes video games ever since the old days of the Commodore 64, loves all formats of gaming that allow him to choose the evil path but delights in petrol head racing games the most! When not racing in the virtual world he loves to do it for real and whizzes around the track fast enough to slide off his tattoos. Beer being his other great love, drunk driving is a given but only when holding a joy pad!!

A lover of all game types he plays most modern titles as soon as they hit the shelf and shares a great love of zombie games. He has a tendency to lose stuff, make friends with the homeless and spin a great yarn, especially when drunk but is lucky enough to always find money lying on the ground on his way home at the end of a good night. He is far too big for anyone to challenge and is safe wherever he roams, striking fear into smaller mortals, like children and dwarfs. When not scaring little people he can often be found chasing them down in the ‘Dead Mobile’ trying to re-enact Death Race 2000 where grannies are the top scoring target.

Deadman is handy with a camera and is one of the sites photographers. He also is a keen game reviewer and a good general games head on the site.

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