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Exciting Alien

This shy quiet gamer has a gift for surprise and is big on spelling! Alien has a real academic side to his gaming habits and the strange ability to adapt and assimilate to any given game, he is often referred to by the team as ‘Borg’. Alien is also a gaming veteran form the days of 8bit pixels but nowadays his inner child has a soft spot for retro and cuddly games. He is a good all rounder with a strong taste for any driving and sports related title and is a master of Ice Hockey.

His new found respect for shooters can be blamed on Halo, making him a little less sporty and more of a competitive personality. Alien is at his most Excited when playing music games and is skilled in the plastic guitar, plastic bass and rubber drums, just don’t hand him a mic. Despite the odd booze induced blackout, Alien is quite a sporty person in the real word but is always fighting the ‘fat back’ syndrome. He is the least lazy of the group but finds the excuse to not do things by other means, like principles. Alien is high on criticism and low on complements but has a big brain and a taste for all things technical, he always likes to save a penny by any means possible but is generous with booze, so that makes it all OK.

Being the nerdiest and self proclaimed smartest of the group Exciting Alien is the quality assurance, spellchecker, and technical maintenance expert on the site and from time to time he will chime in with a bit of news, if principles allow.

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