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The youngest member of the team and a total chick magnet, it is rumoured that he may have a child in every holiday location he has ever visited and that it is just a matter of time before a ‘United Colours of Benetton’ group of kids show up looking for him. G is big on ladies and drinks between gaming and likes to take care of his looks with the odd dab of moisturiser. With the ambition to get his mug on TV balanced with a great love of playing music this talented gamer has the potential to be famous and let us all sponge off his success by proxy. Being drunk and pissing in drawers is a pastime of the G along with mooning government buildings and running from the authorities waving his jeans in the air. He also makes some mean chicken wings for gaming nights in with the team and is always up for a laugh. Being a sporty kind of fit freak he loves Fifa online with a passion, all other games come in second place for him, which is just as well because he often gets his ass handed to him in FPS games. G still has a soft spot for all things Nintendo, especially pre-Wii games, so much so that he even took ‘Mario’ as his middle name many years ago.

Nowadays he loves a good story based game or a bit of multi player shooting but must be kept away from driving games as his automotive skills are worse than Miss Daisy’s. G is a keen lover of gadgets and new developments and always has the newest mobile phone available.

Argumentative and righteous it’s very difficult to win any discussion with G and he is an expert on most topics or at least he believes he is, that said he has a keen eye for the media side of the gaming industry and enjoys its vibe. Blind Side G does reviews and news pieces on the site… when the mood grabs him.

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