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Grud!! The original Dredd movie was one third good, ¬†two thirds absolute bollocks. The good? Mean Machine, the costumes and sets, that ABC warrior…thing. ¬†Bollocks? Well, everything else. This is one reboot that is genuinely justified, as we’re still waiting for a film adaptation that captures even a fraction of the black humour and subversive drama of the original comic strip. Here are some pics something nicked off empire. Can’t say I’m too impressed, but the fact that Alex Garland is writing the script gives me some hope, and Karl Urban as Dredd…well at least he wont have the movie-raping

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ABC Warriors – The Game!! Metal Death!

Published by in News on January 17th, 2011

Could this happen soon??? Hopefully. Any of you that are old enough to remember 2000AD and the ABC Warriors will wet themselves at the prospect of a modern game including these metal misfits. Those of you who don’t… your missing out, Big Time! Bring it on I say!!!

Rogue Trooper Returns… on the Wii… WTF?

Published by in News on October 7th, 2009

Whose ‘Rogue Trooper’ you say? He is the mean, Blue, fighting machine that comes from the pages of 2000AD and is the scourge of NU Earth. The easiest way to describe him is ‘Zarjaz’! Anyway he is comin to the Wii before christmass in the ‘Quartz Zone Massacre‘ (click for the really nicly done website). It is rumoured that he might be dropping onto other platforms but for now thats just a dream. I dare to dream!

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