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10 of the Most Terrifying Games for Halloween

Halloween is here again which always bring much revelry to Reaper Towers, filled with chills, spills and chocolate. This year instead of venturing out into the inky darkness, why not scare yourself in the comfort of your own lair as we take a look at some of our favourite terrifying games. Happy Halloween… Dead Space 1 & 2 Master Gii Bag is no skirt wearing Jessie by any stretch of the imagination, his screening room in Reaper Towers is littered with old movie props and film reels that would make even the hardiest of souls retch and flee to their

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Friday Frugal Findings – 29th April 2011

If you’re in the UK at the moment or anywhere else in the world come to think of it and you’re like me, you’ll be hiding under the bed just in case you hear the words Royal and Wedding. Which will no doubt send you into a frightful rage ending up with you bludgeoning some fecker to death with their own shoes. If this sound familiar then take my advice. There is no way to avoid eejits going on about this nonsense for at least the next week or so, the only solution is to not go outside, don’t answer

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Alan Wake – ‘The Writer’ DLC – Here before Halloween!

Published by in News on September 27th, 2010

Are ya ready for a good old spook fest this Halloween? Good, cos its time to turn off the lights and lock the doors! Prepare for the season of scary stuff with some Alan Wake DLC ‘The Writer’, coming October 12th, it will cost you 560msp, which isn’t bad. Have to say that this second DLC has been a bit slow in coming compared to the norm… Hopefully it has been worth the wait. Check out the preview below and try not to stain the couch when ya get a fright! Boo!

Alan Wake – DLC Dated!

Published by in News on May 14th, 2010

For European Xbox fans Alan Wake hits the shelves today (14th May 2010) but our poor American cousins have another week to wait unfortunately (18th May).Makes no sense to me but Im not complaining cos tonight I intend to turn off all the lights, lock the doors and scare the shit out of myself! Might even watch a spookie flick first, just to up the thrill! However, we can all look forward to July 27th when the first DLC will be released and it will be called ‘The Signal’. It will apparently have about fifteen minuets of game play… WHAT!?

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Alan Wake ‘Bright Falls’ movies now available….

Published by in News on April 26th, 2010

We’ll horror fans, Alan Wake will be hitting the shelves on May 17th and in the run up there are some live action movies to get the adrenalin flowing… Xbox Live gold subscribers can see these flick from today on their console but for the non xbox owner you can get the jump on these over at the New York Times site,(just click here). Don’t forget the popcorn!

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