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Friday Frugal Findings – 17th June 2011

In a condensed version of FFF we bring you this weeks best online gaming deals. Remember what your marriage guidence councillor told you, its quality not quantity. Alice: Madness Returns; at Amazon UK Xbox 360 – £37.91/$61.95/43.07 Euro PS3 – £37.91/$61.95/43.07 Euro PC – £24.99/$40.81/28.39 Euro Cult classic gets bandied about far to often these days for my liking, but America McGee’s Alice really does deserve the title. In the sequel to the PC release of 2000, Alice is about to be released from the mad house, yet she is still plagued by the death of her family in a house

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Curiouser and Curiouser – Alice: Madness Returns New Story Trailer

Alice! a childish story take,And with a gentle handLay it where Childhood’s dreams are twinedIn Memory’s mystic band,Like pilgrim’s withered wreath of flowersPlucked in a far-off land. Things are not going well for Alice it appears, it seems her previous journeys into Wonderland have fried her brain box somewhat or perhaps the years of ingesting massive amounts of Mescaline have finally caught up with her. Either way, in this new story teaser trailer from EA and Spicy Horse we find Lewis Carroll’s creation under going some much needed therapy, but lets just say this session isn’t going as well as

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Alice: Madness Returns – Now With 100% Extra Alice – Game to Ship with Original Title

In an interview today, creator of the cult classic, America McGee’s Alice, has revealed that its follow up, Madness Returns, will include a DLC code to redeem the original title for free. As of June 2010 Alice had sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide in the ten years since its release on the PC and can now be experienced on the Xbox 360 and PS3 via this much welcomed DLC. Although not official this maybe an indication of how EA will use its online pass feature, perhaps enticing gamers to purchase older titles rather than waiting for them to hit

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