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Halo Reach – The Noble Map Pack coming Nov 30th

Published by in News on October 14th, 2010

Bungie are not ones to rest on their ass, time is money after all! They have already announced a free co-op add on coming soon for Reach and now a new, not so free map pack – ‘The Noble Map pack’, due for download on November 30th. It will go for 800msp, (which is allot cheaper than COD maps) and will contain 3 new playgrounds – Tempest, Anchor 9 and Breakpoint. It will also have new achievements adding up to a 250 points gamer score. Check below for picks and the official word about each map.Lots of fun… Tempest –

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Halo Reach Review – Just a little Rub or a good old Reach around?

Published by in Reviews on October 11th, 2010

Halo ReachBungie – MicrosoftXbox 360 Here we go again, more Halo, more hype, more sycophant followers, and more assholes online than in second life. Welcome to Reach! If you’re already a Halo head then chances are you have splashed the cash on this already but for those that are Halo haters, I say to you – read on brethren and perhaps we can change your mind… unlikely, but perhaps! So let’s get into it like a two dollar whore zipping up the spandex, lashing on the cheap perfume and guzzling STD medicine, to see if we can sell you an

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Halo Reach – New Achievements? New Glitch making credits and rank ups? – Yep!

Published by in News on September 27th, 2010

Ok, so the Halo Reach machine is still rolling on! Two bits for ya here cos I’m trying to save the virtual trees! First, there has been some hints as to new DLC coming for Reach. The image below from the Bungie weakly update hints at an extra 250 points within 10 achievements which means DLC. Yay! Could it be the Co-Op pack that has been bounced around or something else, perhaps involving multi player dogfights… just a hopeful guess. Last is this little Glitch below that could potentially rank you up well fast. Its wrong, its cheating but its

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Halo Forge Funnies – Its like lego but with grenades!

Published by in Funnies on September 21st, 2010

Already the funny farms are setting thing up in ‘Forge’, the editor for Halo Reach. Some clever inventions here, golf meets portal meets great plasma grenade shots! The options are endless… Good stuff!

Reach stuff: Master Chief in Reach… Hell yeah! – Bad Discs… Hell Yeah! – Lots of Money… Hell Yeah!

Published by in News on September 17th, 2010

Halo Reach sold over $200 million worth in its first day!! No shit! That’s allot of money and it looks like the game has been worth every penny for those who got it. We here at Reaper Towers are loving it, although, Bungie still hasn’t fixed the players dropping from online games problem, they should have done it like COD MW2 and just allow new players to replace them, but they didn’t and its annoying, Grrr. With that frustration aside, its great so far! Also, some people have been reporting that their Disc for Reach isn’t working and its giving

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Halo Reach Launch Party – We went, we saw, we drank… and we fell home!

Published by in News on September 15th, 2010

The Dublin launch of Halo took place last night in the Odeon and saw a lot of drunken people taking advantage of a free bar laid on by Microsoft but more importantly there were plenty of hot chicks there, er… I mean there was plenty of Halo Reach to be played. Also in attendance was a Celebrity team made up of RTE presenter – Baz Ashmawy, 98fm DJ – Steve Cooper, Irish rugby player – Jamie Heaslip and the big cheese of the night form the ‘Wire’ – ‘Ultraviolet’ and the upcoming ‘Thor’ movie, Mr. Ibris Elba whom was dutifully

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Halo Reach – Its here! Lets Party!

Published by in News on September 14th, 2010

Finally the wait is over and Reach is unleashed upon the masses. With a great game comes great launch parties!! We will be attending the launch party here in Dublin, Ireland at the Odeon. So check back to see what we get up to… Check out below some other vids and images from global parties that have taken place, most notably the London jet pack video… now that’s what I call a ‘Launch’! Pun intended… London New York Malaysia

Halo Reach – Want the review?

Published by in News on September 13th, 2010

Halo Reach is landing tonight at midnight for many gamers or tomorrow (Tuesday 14th September) for those that hate late night Ques. It looks totally awesome and if you want a good quick video review then look no further than the G4tv one below. It’s so excited I’m going to cream my armor!! Well done Bungie, talk about going out with a bang, eh! The Reaper team will be heading to the Irish Launch in Dublin tomorrow night where there will be a competition facing some Irish celebs. Should be fun! We will have the after party scoop for you

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