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DC Universe Online – The Green Lantern “Fight for the Light” DLC Trailer

Sony Online Entertainment’s MMORPG, DC Universe Online, gets a expansion pack later this summer which will offer players the chance to get their hands on the much longed for light powers. Both heroes and villains will be able to join forces with either Green Lantern Corps or Sinestro Corps respectively in all new adventures for level 30 characters which will integrate into your own personal story-arch as you take on the rank of a deputy and get your hands on a shiny ring with embedded powers. This new trailer first shown at Comic-Con this week, shows off some of the

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Silent Hill HD Collection Off Screen Trailer

When first announced at E3 this year many of us where overjoyed at the thought of reliving the nerve jangling antics of the earlier games from the Silent Hill series and today at this years Comic-Con we had our first look at the new collection bundle in all its visceral glory. Although the quality resembles a pirate video circa 1990, there is enough there to affirm that for both established fans and those who may have missed these two titles the first time around, this is a must have. The Silent Hill HD Collection, containing Silent Hill 2 and 3 is

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Nintendo – The Comic-Con Lineup

With Comic-Con upon us the games industry are giving us the low down on what they’re going to be treating us to and today it is Nintendo’s turn. With news on Mario Kart 3DS and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword among others, the Japanese gaming giant will be one to keep an eye on at this years event in San Diego. Here is the full lineup; Nintendo 3DS: Super Mario 3DS Mario Kart 3DS Kid Icarus: Uprising Star Fox 64 3D The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Edition Pokedex 3D Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater Shinobi

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Comic-Con Cosplay freaks to play Street Fighter… oh boy!

Published by in Funnies on July 30th, 2010

This is funny, mainly cos it shows some of the odd balls at comic con and their fashion sense, and to watch a grown man get his ass whipped in street fighter by a lil girl, Ha Ha! Watch out for ‘Spartacus’… get a life man!

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