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Serious Sam 3: BFE – Launch Trailer

“Serious” Sam Stone has managed something quite remarkable over the last decade, while the creators of Duke Nukem Forever where sitting around scratching their arses and scraping cold mozzarella of the inside of pizza boxes, Croteam had lit a fuse under them and blew them off the top of the tasteless violence FPS mountain. Today sees the release of the 3rd Serious Sam title which goes live on Steam at 6 o’clock GMT today and from this launch trailer it is looking as brutal and gory as ever. For none Steam users a boxed PC version will be available in

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You cant be Serious… Sam.

Published by in News on November 23rd, 2009

Its coming and its coming in HD!! Sam’s goona rock our world… again… just not on the PS3 which is a shame. The web site is also worth a gander, funny little lads those Croats.

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