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Dead Rising 2: Off the Record trailer – Frankie’s Back!!

Published by in News on July 27th, 2011

When I first heard of this Dead Rising 2 ‘re-hash’ I said Rip-Off!!! I still feel that way a bit, but I’m such a zombie nut that I will still go out and get ‘Off the Record’ anyway. What is cool though is that Capcom have said that this re imagining of DR2 will have new bosses and enemies to fight, new weapons and vehicles to splat with, new environments and a new plot and missions – best of all it will be less than the price of a full new title ($39.99). Frankie will also be able to use

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Friday Frugal Findings – 29th April 2011

If you’re in the UK at the moment or anywhere else in the world come to think of it and you’re like me, you’ll be hiding under the bed just in case you hear the words Royal and Wedding. Which will no doubt send you into a frightful rage ending up with you bludgeoning some fecker to death with their own shoes. If this sound familiar then take my advice. There is no way to avoid eejits going on about this nonsense for at least the next week or so, the only solution is to not go outside, don’t answer

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Dead Rising 2 – A soggy stump or a good meat beater?!

Published by in Reviews on October 12th, 2010

Dead Rising 2 Capcom Xbox 360 – PS3 – PC Ah yes, Vegas – the home of games, whores, gamblers and now zombies! Is there anything it doesn’t have? Dead Rising 2 is set in this wonderful dust bowl paradise city of sin and sensuality, it leads on from Dead Rising where the journalist Frank West survived the zombie filled town of ‘Willamette’ to spread the truth about the walking bags of shit. Then we had the prequel demo of Case Zero to slot in nicely between them like a hot dog in a bun, oops pardon! So strap on

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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Review

Published by in Reviews on September 23rd, 2010

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero DLCXbox 360Capcom Case Zero is the prequel to the upcoming zombie smasher ‘Dead Rising 2’ from our crazy friends in Capcom. In this DLC you get to take control of Chuck Greene, a man with a past in motor cross who has a big dilemma. His Daughter Kathy has been bitten by a dead meat sack while escaping Las Vegas, to make things worse Chuck decides to stop for a pee or whatever in a little shitville town gas station. Things soon go tits up when the truck with all the precious, pricy ‘zombrex’, a

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Dead Rising – Case West – More Mini DLC for DR2!!

Published by in News on September 22nd, 2010

More zombie antics for you today, we do love drooling meat bags… who doesn’t eh?! Well, we have had ‘Dead Rising 2′ Case Zero, we will soon have ‘Dead Rising 2′ but now there is another! ‘Dead Rising 2: Case West’!! That’s Frank West to you, I and thousands of zombies in a shopping mall. Ring any bells? The dude out of the first Dead Rising perhaps… Yep, hes coming to the new game and will fit into a co-op role for multi player, cool eh! It will also give the story of what happened to him after the events

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Dead Rising 2 – Tales of Terror Trailer

Published by in News on September 6th, 2010

By now any of you that love a bit of Zombie bashing have had the chance to play the DR2 – Case Zero (Demo) and will know exactly what kind of blood and guts mayhem to expect from the full title. If you haven’t, then get the finger out and start decapitating some dead dudes!! Check out the latest trailer on DR2, its coming to get you at the end of September. Be prepared!!!

Dead Rising 2 – Zombrex Dead Rising Sun movie.

Published by in News on June 28th, 2010

Oh dear! Capcom are going to release a series of free movies to tie in with Dead Rising. ‘ Zombrex Dead Rising Sun’ is the title and its all very Jap, but for a US audience. Expect to see them over the summer on the lead up to the (new delayed date of September 28th for USA and October 1st in Europe) release of Dead Rising 2. Oh and by the way, the movie looks crap! Hope its not an indication of things to come…

Dead Rising 2 – New Trailer

Published by in News on April 21st, 2010

Well it looks like there are lots of undead topics this week… Dead rising 2 has announced Co-Op play allowing two pals to paint the town red, literally. Early reports of this new mode are disappointing but many suggestions have been made to capcom and hopefully they will have time to add some spice to this much needed feature. There is also news of a ‘prequel demo’ to be released in the run up to the release of DR2, this is said to contain info on what happened to Frank West, our photo/zombie slaying hero from the first Dead Rising

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