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Friday Frugal Findings – 14th October 2011

We are back, back, back and we’re bringing you the best prices on four of the biggest releases from this week and from while we have been away, in this weeks Friday Frugal Findings.   Pro Evolution Soccer 2012; at Amazon UK Xbox 360 – £32.71/$51.69/37.31 Euro PS3 – £32.71/$51.69/37.31 Euro PC – £22.93/$36.23/26.15 Euro Wii – £17.99/$28.43/20.52 Euro PS2 – £24.99/$39.50/28.50 Euro PSP – £17.99/$28.43/20.52 Euro The second of the two big Football/Soccer releases gets its outing today in the EU as the pre-Christmas games fight begins. Pro Evo has been playing second fiddle to the Fifa franchise for

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Dead Rising 2: Off The Record – Take Photo’s Like A Pro

Not everyone is as prepared as the Reaper Crew for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, you would be astounded at the hours of training that has gone into our chainsaw and shotgun abilities. Of course from the moment the very first Deadhead makes its appearance we’ll be bring you all the hottest Z news and how it will effect the gaming world, well, at least until the complete collapse of society and we all pile into the Dead Mobile and head for our secret underground bunker. The Crew has also been practising their photography, just so we can bring you the

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Dead Rising 2: Off the Record trailer – Frankie’s Back!!

Published by in News on July 27th, 2011

When I first heard of this Dead Rising 2 ‘re-hash’ I said Rip-Off!!! I still feel that way a bit, but I’m such a zombie nut that I will still go out and get ‘Off the Record’ anyway. What is cool though is that Capcom have said that this re imagining of DR2 will have new bosses and enemies to fight, new weapons and vehicles to splat with, new environments and a new plot and missions – best of all it will be less than the price of a full new title ($39.99). Frankie will also be able to use

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E3 – Zombies, Cyborgs, Dinosaurs and much more!

Published by in News on June 9th, 2011

  More upcoming titles from this years E3 for ya to have a look at…   Jurassic Park Release Date: Q3/2011 Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, Mac Games, PlayStation Network Publisher: Telltale Games Developer: Telltale Games Dino survival yes please, must say I’m looking forward to this http://youtu.be/-W-raCthrAM http://youtu.be/p74sBilYOeg     UFC Undisputed 3 Release Date: TBA Platforms: TBA Publisher: THQ Another chance to kick the living crap out of someone, new features include entrances for UFC and Pride fighters, custom fighter entrances and a “simplifying” of the control system, to name a few should be good.   Ghost Recon: Future

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