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Friday Frugal Findings – RPG Special

After much discussion with Deadman this week we came to the conclusion that there is not enough love for the Role Playing Game as there should be, so following his tribute to the much maligned and misunderstood genre of gaming, we set off on an adventure to bring you the best prices on some of the greatest RPG’s around in this a Friday Frugal Findings RPG Special, Wizard’s hats and Broadswords at the ready everyone. Demons Souls; at Amazon UK PS3 – £17.34/$28.49/19.82 Euro Top of the shop when it comes to brutality, Demons Souls is truly unparalleled when it comes

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A Tribute to Role Playing Games…

Published by in Rant on July 29th, 2011

  “Nightfall, and as the three moons rise above the clouds and ascend into their place in the heavens, their eyrie blue light casts its shine onto the land below. Shadows come alive and dance in their power and the hunters wake from there slumber, readying themselves for the feast ahead. Coming through the great wood are a group of hooded figures there torches burning bright in the darkness that surrounds them . They are on a mission. Although they have never travelled this part of the kings road before, there are secure in the knowledge that their friendship will

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