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Deus Ex: Human Revolution New Screens

By Jingo some new screenshots for Edios Montreal’s and Square Enix’s First Person RPG have arrived. Set for release this August on PC, Xbox and PS3 these tantalisingscreens include some metal shiny people whomight be robots, some elbow killing action and a man with an eye-patch point a gun at us.  Set 25 years before the original game and spanning five cities including Detroit, Shanghai and Montreal, this game will certainly be awaited with baited breath by both long standing fans of the series and newcomers alike.

E3 – Zombies, Cyborgs, Dinosaurs and much more!

Published by in News on June 9th, 2011

  More upcoming titles from this years E3 for ya to have a look at…   Jurassic Park Release Date: Q3/2011 Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, Mac Games, PlayStation Network Publisher: Telltale Games Developer: Telltale Games Dino survival yes please, must say I’m looking forward to this http://youtu.be/-W-raCthrAM http://youtu.be/p74sBilYOeg     UFC Undisputed 3 Release Date: TBA Platforms: TBA Publisher: THQ Another chance to kick the living crap out of someone, new features include entrances for UFC and Pride fighters, custom fighter entrances and a “simplifying” of the control system, to name a few should be good.   Ghost Recon: Future

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Deus Ex 3 – A trailer with gameplay in it… finally!

Published by in News on August 13th, 2010

For some reason it reminds me of Mass Effect… Then again, Mass Effect reminded me of the original Deus Ex. Check out the vid form IGN below…

Deus Ex 3 – E3 Trailer – Human Revolution

Published by in News on June 8th, 2010

Oh Yes! Its on my favourite’s list as of right now! Loved the original and the sequel, an I am guessing that this is going to be a prequel to them given the time frame it is set in… Could this dude be Daddy Deus? Its all very atmospheric anyway. All I can say is it looks… Awesome!

Deus Ex 3 – A new Trailer Vid… With wings!

Published by in News on March 12th, 2010

Well… after our last report on this I said that we were looking forward to seeing some boozing and some chicks, this is not quite what I meant… The newest Deus EX 3 trailer doesn’t show very much in terms of what’s to expect (though nicely done) but it does seem to indicate a ‘divinity’ about the story line. It reminds me a little of another game we all know and love, the one about Assassins… similar flavour, that’s all I’m saying!

Deus Ex 3 – New Screens and trailer.

Published by in News on March 4th, 2010

Looks like D day is getting closer, thats Deus Ex day of course. I like to see that not all games are goin ‘PC’… not as in the personal computer, but as in the madness that is Political Correctness, you can barely scratch your arse these days without someone getting offended cos its cruelty to derrieres… anyway here’s a shot of something that will be important to our hero in Deus Ex 3… smokes! Cant wait to see what he drinks and perhaps even the chicks he scores…

Deus Ex 3 – Debut Trailer & Thief 4 news -Gimme Gimme!

Published by in News on February 10th, 2010

Way hay!! It looks like Deus Ex might just make it onto our shelves. It is rumoured to be a prequel and that Square Enix have taken the controlls. Check out the debut trailer below.It is also said that Thief 4 is on the development desk. I really hope this actually reaches completion! Check out the official Edios website for the juicy details.

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