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Formula 1 2011 Developer Diary

Published by in News on June 25th, 2011

  Codemasters have released (hopefully) the first in a long line of developer diarys for there upcoming Formula 1 2011 game.And this one is the real deal !! Sixteen simultaneous players online, full 24-car grids for the single player,split screen and a  co-op Championship mode what more do you need to know? The game is set to be released on September 20th 2011… http://youtu.be/C-KmboF3mfI      

Fallout New Vegas – The Art Direction Dev Diary – Real Purdy!

Published by in News on October 1st, 2010

More ‘Fallout New Vegas’ goodies for the geeks! Like Art? Like Games? Like Fallout? Then watch this Dev diary bout all of the fore mentioned. It really does look like Vegas, unlike some recent games that claim to be set there ‘cough – Dead Rising 2 – cough‘. Sorry, did someone say something… um?

Fallout New Vegas – ‘Tech and Sound’ Dev Diary

Published by in News on September 24th, 2010

More Fallout New Vegas info for ya. Some interesting reveals about the weapons and some nice geeky info on the sound… er, yeah, great. Anyway look at the weapons, its all about the weapons!!!

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – Dev Diary

Published by in News on August 12th, 2010

If your still a little unsure about whats going on in AC Brotherhood then this first in the series of Dev Diary’s should help lift the myst. Our favourite spaghetti bender ‘Ezio’ is now the boss and is setting up his own gang of assassins, then hes on a mission to bang some nails into the Vatican hierarchy, should be fun! Romans, Romans everywhere and not a Pizza in sight! Tragic! Lovin the Hoodies though…

Star Wars – The Old Republic – Combat Dev Diary Vid.

Published by in News on April 26th, 2010

Now that Bioware have shipped Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age Origins along with much of the DLC for these great games it looks like the focus will be on Star Wars The Old Republic. So expect to see allot more of this game over the coming months. Were big Star Wars nerds here at Reaper Towers but were a bit apprehensive about this… It looks a little cartoony for us. Since Lucas destroyed the great universe he originally created (with the last three movies), all things Star Wars have become a bit of a gamble. God dammed you George!

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Dante’s Inferno – Heresy Dev Diary – Hot stuff!

Published by in News on December 5th, 2009

Welcome to the sixth circle, Heresy! Burn in Hell heathens!!! This is what you impure people have to look forward to… you were warned by the baby Jesus! I’l see ya all there and greet you with a moheto, great drink in the heat! Don’t forget to pack the sun screen and the Bermuda short…

Assassins Creed 2 – Developer Diary – Ezio is a popular Dude!

Published by in News on November 5th, 2009

Ezio meets all the lovely criminals and family skeletons that will help him extract bloody revenge on his enemies in this ‘Factions’ feature. Looking forward to playing it!! Put your life on hold for this!

Command and Conquer 4 – Tiberian Twilight – The Crawler

Published by in News on October 14th, 2009

I know, the name sucks and here we go again with another C&C, but lets face it, they know their shit! Check out this Dev Diary, some impressive stuff especially if your into your 3D gear…

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