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Dirt 3 : Review

Published by in Reviews on June 22nd, 2011

      The third installment of the Colin McRae Dirt Series is here, and this time it has brought along its hoodie wearing Asbo cousin gymkhana. With the Dirt series, Codemasters have always tried to bring ‘seat of your pants’ off road racing to the masses and I’m glad to say they have done it again in spades. Once again, Codemasters have outdone themselves on the physics engine with the cars feeling alive as they slide around mud-filled corners and jitter nervously on tarmac. Before the start of each event, you can of course change the assists (racing line,

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Friday Frugal Findings

It’s the weekend again, and thank Jebus for that. Its been a long week here at Reaper Towers and as we rush about finishing off our chores, mucking out the dragon nests, bathing the Ogres and producing offerings for the Great Old Ones, we all have only one thing on our minds… LA Noire. For those of you who are fiscally challenged or just have little interest in Rockstar’s latest jewel, here are some games to consider getting your thumbs around as you settle in with that saucy wench that is your gaming platform of choice. Dirt 3; Xbox 360/PS3

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DiRT 3 – Group B Rally Trailer

Published by in News on April 12th, 2011

Many have tried and many have failed! The question is can Codemasters succeed with bringing back the Group B rally cars? With a release date of the Twenty Fourth of May looming we will not have to wait long to find out.

DiRT 3 Developer Q&A

Published by in News on November 20th, 2010

Although living in the murky realms of 2011, make no mistake Dirt3 is coming,and coming like an out of control freight train going sideways on gravel. Moreover, by telling us that sixty percent of the game play will be based on rally stages just makes me want to make sure I’m on that train. The game will also include Gymkhana, which should be a blast going around Monaco and L.A’s coliseum in a rally car..

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