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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Flashpoint Trailer

With little under a month to go until Star Wars: The Old Republic blasts its way into the MMO market, Bioware have released a new trailer showing one of the many Flashpoint mission that will be available to both Sith and Republic factions. The Flashpoint mission will cover various story-lines with outcomes which are influenced by the players decisions during the mission, as well as which enemies your team of four will battle as you progress through the scenario. These adventures will be a prominent part of SWTOR as they will include some of the most challenging content and will

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Syndicate – Co Op video!

Published by in News on November 17th, 2011

Its is very easy to be sceptical about the new Syndicate, especially if you are old and ugly enough to have played the originals. The joys that four men in trench coats brought to millions of nerdy PC players back in the day was delightful, if not a little weird. Then the follow up of Syndicate Wars with its flashy new 3D environments was for gamers, like giving mars bars to a toddler. Great memories of great games. When I first heard they were doing a remake I was giddy with delight and skipped all the way home, which is

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Syndicate – Hostile Takeover Trailer

Long, long ago, when the world was a brighter place and I still had most of my hair, Bullfrog was (at least for my money) the greatest of the great in terms of developers and their 1993 hit Syndicate was one of the many gems to come out of the studio. Next year will see the re-imagining of the title, as developed by the good folks at Starbreeze Studios, who are moving from the tactical isometric to the FPS. In this new trailer we get to see some of the co-op action from this Cyber-Punk shooter which will be available on

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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Voidstar Battle

Published by in News on October 31st, 2011

Here’s the latest video from Star Wars: The Old Republic showing a massive battle on the republics Voidstar ship.  

Battlefield 3 Outages

Published by in News on October 31st, 2011

  It hasn’t been an easy launch for EA and Dices highly anticipated fps Battlefield 3, with network outages and battlelog accounts not working, to massive lag and the inability to actually get a game. Frank Gibeau (EA Labels president) said: “In terms of the network services, we have had unprecedented and historic peaks in terms of the activity that we’re getting from the Battlefield community and players, and it’s caused parts of our networks to experience some outages.” he also added: “We were very rapid in our response there. We were able to get those back up. We feel

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Golden Joystick Awards – The Results!

Published by in News on October 27th, 2011

Every year, we here at Reaper Towers wait with anticipation for the results of the Golden Joystick awards. “Why? It’s just another games awards show”, you say. No! You’re wrong – Shut it! It’s more than that – it’s an awards show where you and I – Gamers – decide on who wins and who loses. What more power do ya want, eh!? It is also one of the longest running games award shows around, going since 1982 – back when GamesMaster was a TV show. Ah, I remember it well. Those were the days of simple pixel pleasure and long

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Battlefield 3 HD Texture Pack

Published by in News on October 24th, 2011

Xbox 360 owners without a HD are going to be in for a kick in the stones on Friday when EA and Dice’s highly anticipated Battlefield 3 hits our shelves, as they wont be able to install the HD texture pack. The reason apparently they have done this is because not every Xbox owner has a HD setup, so the HD content will be optional. It looks like the pack is going to take up approximately 1.5GB of space. If you’re going into battle on the Ps3 though, don’t worry, because it will be included as part of the mandatory

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Release Date for Crysis on Consoles

Still regarded as what the PC can do given the opportunity, Crysis is the benchmark in terms of graphics and FPS action on the home computer and today EA have announced the release date for the arrival of this gaming behemoth on Xbox 360 and PS3. Although the game will be slightly tweaked down to run effectively on the consoles it is still bound to be a stunningly beautiful experience come the 4th of October, when it arrives on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live where it will be priced at £15.99 and 1600 Microsoft Points respectively. It has also

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