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“Halo” Fans Worldwide Build a Living Monument to Gaming’s Most Celebrated Franchise – For the Halo Nut!

Published by in News on November 14th, 2011

So space marines – you all set for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary? We here at Reaper Gaming have played it and will have the review very soon, let’s just say for now that it’s – interesting! The ability to flick between old and new styles is great. Be warned though – you are going to need a copy of Halo Reach to play the online maps! But that will all be in the review later… As of tomorrow you will be able to sample the game for yourself and make your own conclusions anyway. In the meantime, if you’re a

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Counterstrike: Global Offensive – News – Video Interview with Valve.

Published by in News on September 8th, 2011

Check out the interview below with Valve’s Chet Faliszek via G4TV. As you will see he tries to alleviate any fears that fans might have while also trying to appeal to new players. Ah, ya cant please everyone! I’m just delighted that Counterstrike is coming to consoles, how cool. What was a little annoying is that PC, Mac and PS3 players will be able to kick each others ass’s online – but not Xbox… Boooo! If Microsoft would just let ‘Steam’ onto XBL then I imagine it would be possible… Can you imagine the battles between PS3 and Xbox fan-boys?

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Duke Nukem Forever Review – Hail to the King… Maybe!?

Published by in Reviews on June 22nd, 2011

Xbox 360 – PS3 – PC Did you ever wait ages to take a dump and then finally do a great big splasher that brought tears of relief to your bowels? Well that’s what Duke Nukem Forever was supposed to be like. After over a decade in the making I think we all felt some surprise and relief that someone finally picked up the torch and tried to squeeze out this big chunk of messy delight… unfortunately it would appear that it is more of a drippy, runny, unpleasant gunge. I really appreciate what Randy Pitchford and Gearbox set out

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The Darkness 2 – Vid Trailer

Published by in News on May 5th, 2011

The first Darkness was a pretty good game, Mafia meets Horror. It was nothing amazing but it had a nice feel to it and a enjoyable story, hopefully its sequel will be as good or improve on this… hopefully. Its hard to predict at the moment and as you will see in the trailer below they aren’t giving too much away, except the release date perhaps, the 4th of October 2011. Badda-Bing-Boo!

The PS3 Move Assault Rifle… Heavy Metal Jacket it aint!

Published by in News on January 19th, 2011

The concept of a gun controller to play FPS shooters is one of those great ideas that just never works in reality. It is not impossible to get it right as the SNES and arcade games of the past have proven, but they always feel a bit… gimmicky, and modern technology has not fixed this little issue for now. Below is a vid giving you a quick look at this gizmo in action, the ‘CTA Digital’s Assault Rifle Controller’ and you can click here to go to a review on Kotaku… but let me save ya a trip and tell

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