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CVG and Reaper Gaming – A Feature of Taste!

Here at Reaper Towers we are not only game reporters, we are also fans of other sites. So when were were contacted by one of our favourite industry defining sites in order to feature Reaper Gaming we were greatly humbled and totally flattered. One of the planets longest running and most popular game publications Computer and Video Games or CVG do a feature every week on one of their favourite gaming sites, this time it is us! Ain’t that a kicker!? I remember as a kid back in the 80′s getting my copy of C&VG magazine every month, usually with

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GAMERILLAZ – New Site that Stole My Crew…

Published by in News on February 7th, 2012

It’s mutiny I tells ya!! A bunch of ballbag Gorillas walked into Reaper Towers and started flashing the cash at my staff. They wanted my gang for a new gaming website – the cheek! I just knew my loyal crew would not desert me – boy was I wrong! They all ran out the door with their pockets stuffed full of dosh, even knocked me down and left foot prints on my back – Feckers. So now its just me sitting here in this cold castle, shivering, lonely and with no one to give me a foot rub. Needless to

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Star Wars games of the future??

Published by in News on July 12th, 2011

You may think college kids are little more than lazy pups that eat all day and drink all night and bang anything that moves – you’d be right, my college days involved little in the way of studies – look at me now, top of the world ma!! Er, anyway, not all are like me thankfully and as a result Arthur Nishimoto – a student at the ‘University of Illinois at Chicago’ created the game in the video below as a student project. Its called ‘Fleet Commander’ and involves a RTS style touchscreen setup. As you will see it is

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Liberty and Games for All – U.S. says “No” to Anti-Games Bill

In an 7-2 decision the United States Supreme Court ruled that California’s proposed ban making the sale or rental of M rated games to minors a criminal offence was unconstitutional, as it would violate freedom of speech. The court ruled in a lawsuit filed in 2005 by two of the largest industry groups, the Entertainment Merchants Association and the Entertainment Software Association, whom had objected to the law written by Democratic State Senator for San Francisco/San Mateo Leland Yee, which had proposed to fine retailers $1,000 for selling or renting games to individuals who are underage. The ban had not

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Grow a pair – Your a gamer!!

Lab Notes; Whores, Swine and Pinkos or Closet Gaming and Getting the Goodies. – by Doc R.I live a rather sheltered life here in among the dungeons and catacombs of Reaper Towers, left alone by the Management to pursue my work and experiments as I see fit (as long as all chanting and Banshee wailing is finish by 10:30, as the Management needs its beauty sleep.) My raven, Colin, arrived this morning with the latest parchments and communications clasped in her beak, the usual stuff in the main, a bill from Warlocks Workshops informing me the balance on my account

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