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GTA III: Mobile

Published by in News on December 6th, 2011

  Normally we don’t cover mobile games here at Rearpe Gaming but for this one I thought I’d make an acception after all this is GTA in your pocket!! Considering the original GTA was released in 1997/1998 on the windows Dos format  and  GTA 3 came out in 2001, developed by DMA Designs ( now know as Roackstar North) this was the first GTA to bring the third person view into the GTA series. Gaming  no longer took place in a top down scroll and shot em up and it was something that changed the sandbox gaming industry forever.  

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Look what just showed up on Rockstar.com

  Looks like we’ll be getting our first look at the latest chapter in the GTA series on the 2nd of November. *Rubs thighs vigorously in anticipation*

Red Dead Redemption to include randomly generated events

In a recent interview with GameSpot, Rockstar San Diego technical director Ted Carson talked about some of the play mechanics to be featured in Redemption. While most are calling it simply a western-themed Grand Theft Auto, Carson claims that Red Dead’s inclusion of unique, randomly generated “dynamic events” will do much to differentiate it from GTA. “..there are countless ambient, completely dynamic events to discover. You might meet an official needing help apprehending escaped criminals that were being transported, or a woman being attacked by an unwanted suitor, or you might be attacked by a bear. All of these are

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