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“Halo” Fans Worldwide Build a Living Monument to Gaming’s Most Celebrated Franchise – For the Halo Nut!

Published by in News on November 14th, 2011

So space marines – you all set for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary? We here at Reaper Gaming have played it and will have the review very soon, let’s just say for now that it’s – interesting! The ability to flick between old and new styles is great. Be warned though – you are going to need a copy of Halo Reach to play the online maps! But that will all be in the review later… As of tomorrow you will be able to sample the game for yourself and make your own conclusions anyway. In the meantime, if you’re a

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Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Trailer

Published by in News on November 2nd, 2011

I remember back to when there was a buzz about this ‘new game’ set in an open world alien planet that had swords, guns and vehicles. ‘Halo’ was coming to the PC! It was all very exciting at the time… then it was released without the swords, and it wasn’t all that ‘open’ worldly – and it wasn’t on the PC either. It was lost in the either for quite some time while games like ‘Tribes’ filled the void. Then came the news that it was to be the ‘Jesus’ title for this new ‘xbox’ thingy that was being released

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Bungie 20th Anniversary Documentary – O Brave New World.

Published by in News on August 5th, 2011

Whether you love or hate the world of Halo this long (nearly an hour) documentary below that has been put together to celebrate Bungies 20th anniversary is well worth a watch! It shows the impact and influence the company has had on the gaming industry and it has been significant – The whole Xbox party system owes its roots to the Halo for one thing. Then of course it goes into the companies history and how it started as well as looking at some of its past titles like Oni, Marathon Man and probably one of my personal all time

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A Reaper Gaming Tribute to Fan Films

Published by in Movies on July 16th, 2011

So after watching the Half Life: Singularity Collapse and the Splinter Cell Live Action fan film’s.I decided to embark on a little quest, to find as many of the greatest fan film’s asI could and put them here for all of us to enjoy, and let me tell you there are a lot of them. But I struggled on and picked out some of the best  for your viewing pleasure. So to all the hard working guys and gals out there that make these possible we salute you. Starting off we have the Godfather of fan films, Troops which made

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Doc’s Top Five – Most Overrated Games of All Time

Think you know games? Think you can rattle off some of the best games ever made? Well so did I, or at least until I thought about it. Turns out I’m nothing but a pinhead and everything I know is more wrong than a transsexual, hermaphrodite walrus getting down to some Onanism while a Grandmother sits in the same room knitting it a scarf. Yes, all those “classic” games are nothing more than over hyped, over priced fugazis, made by shrivelled-pea-sized hearted swine and whores. Here’s what I think are just a handful of the most overrated games of all

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Its Halo 4 – Master Chief is back!

Published by in News on June 6th, 2011

That right Halo heads, there’s a new Halo coming and its not just some spin off jobbie, its the Big man himself – John Spartan 117. Hail to the Chief baby! This is to kick off a new trilogy of Halo games. No surprise really as its far to valuable a game to let it fade a way. We’ll let you know more on this as time goes on but check out the G4.TV trailer from E3 below…They kept that quiet, eh!?        

E3 – Microsoft Press Con in Brief

We’ve just finished with Microsoft at E3 and to be fair I feel like a man who ordered a steak only to be told they’ve run out and have only got grilled asparagus left. This of course leaves me with two problems, firstly that my lust for some meaty goodness is left unfulfilled and secondly my piss is going to stink. Here is a quick round up of what MS “graced” us with. Modern Warfare 3 Demo; Players plant explosive on a submarine and then going all Somali pirate and taking over a sub. We also got to see some very cool warship destruction

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Halo Voice is Old-ariffic!

Published by in Funnies on March 29th, 2011

Check this shit out… Bet you never thought that the voice behind Halos multiplayer ‘Killtacular’ looked like the guy in the video below… BUT HE DOES! Wonder if he is the same guy that they used in the ‘Myth’ series also?! The man is a legend… well, at least his voice is.

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