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Kinect Fun Labs… used for Fun!

Published by in Funnies on June 9th, 2011

Mike Fahey over at Kotaku decided to put a few unusual items to the test in Kinect Fun Labs with some interesting results. First he tried a Vibrator – Grape scented, then he tried his cat! I’m seeing a theme here… I have a few ides of my own of what to try… none of them legal I imagine!   Dildo Cat

E3 – Microsoft Press Con in Brief

We’ve just finished with Microsoft at E3 and to be fair I feel like a man who ordered a steak only to be told they’ve run out and have only got grilled asparagus left. This of course leaves me with two problems, firstly that my lust for some meaty goodness is left unfulfilled and secondly my piss is going to stink. Here is a quick round up of what MS “graced” us with. Modern Warfare 3 Demo; Players plant explosive on a submarine and then going all Somali pirate and taking over a sub. We also got to see some very cool warship destruction

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