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Reaper Gaming Interview with Forza 4′s Dan Greenawalt

From what we have seen, Forza 4 will take the franchise to the next level, making what was once merely another racing game series fighting for the top spot in the genre, into something which is now so much more than just another Racing Sim. Once we had our fill of burning rubber we grabbed a few minutes with Dan Greenawalt and talked about the game and its development, RG: Has Forza 4 pushed the current Xbox to its limit? DG: The truth is every version pushes the Xbox to its limit. It’s all about optimisation, like moving from one

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So this is what Tiwan news thinks of Al Gore…

Published by in Funnies on June 28th, 2010

Ha, crazy Ti’s! Check out this animation they made about some allegations chucked at Al Gore, guess its kind of an ‘inconvenient truth’ part 2. Puts a new spin on the Sims for sure!In the second video there is a CNN report on the creators and some of the other people and news stories that they have animated. I’l bet thats a fun place to work!

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