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F1 2011: Dev Diary’s

Published by in News on September 16th, 2011

  With the release date of Formula 1 2011 from Codemasters just around the corner, heres the third and forth developer diary’s, focusing on the co-op championship, tyres, kers and the DRS systems. F1 2010 was a massive hit and F1 2011 is promising to be better with new features such as the safety car, improved multiplayer options, split screen racing and all this running on the new EGO engine 2.0. Judging by the screenshots and video trailers released so far this is shaping up to be another massive success for the Birmingham crew. And just like last year the

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Fifa 12 – New Trailer Scores

Fanboys and girls to your respective corners if you please as the slanging matches of which will be a better game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 or Fifa 12, are really starting to heat up on forums across the net. EA are giving its fanbase a boost as they release a new trailer showing the “hattrick” of precision dribbling, realistic collisions and pro player intelligence. Couch based football legends everywhere will be able to get there thumbs around a demo of the latest version of Fifa from the 13 of September, with the full release coming at the end of the

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F1 2011 New Trailer and Latest Screenshots

Published by in News on July 9th, 2011

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming F1 2011 racing series by Codemasters Birmingham. “The new video features thrilling wheel to wheel racing along with some of the new innovations and enhancements coming to the game, including improved garages, paddocks and pit lanes that will immerse gamers into the life of a F1 driver.” In a recent interview with lead game designer, Stephen Hood he was asked about the Bahrain GP ? “We were planning on putting the track in as maybe a time trial or time attack venue but we can’t have it because the circuit doesn’t

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Formula 1 2011

Published by in News on June 9th, 2011

F1 2011 is on the way!! It’s expected to hit the shelves worldwide on 23rd September 2011. F1 2011 is again being developed by Codemasters Birmingham and set to be released on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC Games for Windows Live. But if you want your F1 fix on the move, the company are also planning to release versions of the game for the Nintendo 3DS and Sony’s PlayStation Vita. The specific release dates for these editions are still to be released. The new rules that were introduced into the 2011 season have been brought into the game,

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