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Friday Frugal Findings – 14th October 2011

We are back, back, back and we’re bringing you the best prices on four of the biggest releases from this week and from while we have been away, in this weeks Friday Frugal Findings.   Pro Evolution Soccer 2012; at Amazon UK Xbox 360 – £32.71/$51.69/37.31 Euro PS3 – £32.71/$51.69/37.31 Euro PC – £22.93/$36.23/26.15 Euro Wii – £17.99/$28.43/20.52 Euro PS2 – £24.99/$39.50/28.50 Euro PSP – £17.99/$28.43/20.52 Euro The second of the two big Football/Soccer releases gets its outing today in the EU as the pre-Christmas games fight begins. Pro Evo has been playing second fiddle to the Fifa franchise for

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Pro Evo 2012 – PC demo impressions

  There’s a rift among the footy-playing denizens of reaper towers. On one side the massed hordes of unwashed fifa lovers, on the other one heroic, sensual man still believing – still hoping -  in Shingo “Seabass” Takatsuka and Pro Evolution soccer. It wasn’t always this way. Once, fifa was a figure of lumpy fun, even back in the 16-bit days all the cool kids were playing the embryonic and axiometric-tastic International Superstar Soccer instead. It mutated into Pro Evolution Soccer on the playstation/playstation 2 reaching its zenith with the brilliant pro evo 5 while fifa continued to snivel along

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PES 2012 – Will it be an improvment??

Published by in News on May 16th, 2011

So 2012 is coming and along with the possible end of the world scenario there will be the usual invasion of sporty games begging for our cash. Time to pick sides again – Pro Evo or Fifa? – the eternal question, eh?! Fifa always had the polish and licences that have eluded Pro Evo and with Fifa basically stealing Evo’s great gameplay mechanics in recent years, it has really been a tough time for poor old Evo. Since about 2007 Evo has struggled to get back its glory but with little sucess, only the hard core supporters have been keeping

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