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PS3 – Busted Update!! – It’s Fixed!

Published by in News on March 2nd, 2010

Apparently things at sony are golden again and the PS3 firmware issue is fixed so you may turn it on now. Yay! And guess what… it fixed itself! Yes, your PS3 is magical. All the details are on the Sony Blog. In the post Patrick Seybold – Sr. Director said this: “We are aware that the internal clock functionality in the PS3 units other than the slim model, recognized the year 2010 as a leap year. Having the internal clock date change from February 29 to March 1 (both GMT), we have verified that the symptoms are now resolved and

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PS3 – Busted!!! Houston, we have a cluster fook!

Published by in News on March 1st, 2010

If you thought the ‘red ring of death’ issue was funny then you’re going to love this! As reported on Sky News and every other site on the web, it’s a heavily rainy day for the Sony PS3, with many early models ‘breaking’ around the globe. When I say breaking, I mean that users cannot access the PSN network, getting a system error (8001050F – Hardware failure) on attempting it and reports of data loss as in trophies, game saves and DLC content going missing from machines. Holy shit!!! Needless to say this is a serious problem for Sony who

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Sony Eggs Dublin City!!!

Published by in News on October 9th, 2009

That’s right, we’ve been egg’ed here in Dublin thanks to Sony Ireland. Apparently there are giant eggs placed all over the city and are waiting to be smashed!! Inside is the possibility of a PS3 Slim… free to the one brave enough to crack open that egg! So keep your eyes peeled if you are in the fair city today! Its a bit like shooting pigeons in GTA but without a gun and blood and stuff… Anyway, see the goodies below and there is more info over with the lads that cracked open (pun intended) the story TechTV101…

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What Should you buy – Xbox 360 or PS3 Slim?

Published by in Rant on October 4th, 2009

Time to get serious, who deserves your hard earned dosh tucked into their underpants, Microsoft or Sony? So, let’s look at the pros and cons of what’s on offer and then I‘ll do my best to give you a personal judgement, it will be like an episode of Americas next top Hooker… The Sony PS3, one fat momma when released but it has been to the gym and lost its big ass, hello sexy ‘Slim’! Its due for al pig out with a 250GB hard drive but it has mostly stayed the same as before from a functional perspective. It

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Open up a PS3 Slim… its fun!!

Published by in News on September 18th, 2009

Whats the first thing ya want to do with a PS3 when you get one? That’s right, take it apart… well some people do! The boys and girls over at G4 have done this nice little vid for you all on whats involved, and if you want to see for yourself in detail how it is done go to ifixit.com

PS3 Slim – Taken Apart

Published by in News on August 26th, 2009

If the new PS3 is slim, then the old one is fat… lets see how it got in shape and lost a few pounds. Here’s the ‘Teardown’ of its guts! For a more in-depth look check it out here www.ifixit.com

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