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Friday Frugal Findings – 9th September 2011

This weeks biggest releases include a Zombie doubleheader, a hefty dose of invading aliens and the need to click around a screen to find an umbrella; as always we’re being you the best prices on each of them from across the net. Dead Island; at Amazon UK Xbox 360 – £32.00/$52.31/36.50 Euro PS3 – £37.70/$60.43/43.00 Euro PC – £29.99/$48.06/34.21 Euro (this price is from GAME and is for the Special Edition) By now regular readers will know that we who dwell within Reaper Towers are massive Zombie-heads, we love the little rotting flesh bags, whether they appear in movies, books,

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Jitterblood – Rise of Nightmares’ Charleston of Horror

Still think the Kinect is for kids and drunks? Think again… We had been promised that Rise of Nightmares would be the first truly adult hardcore game to make its way to Microsoft’s control free system, but even we have been impressed with the level of the old ultra violence in the new “Red Band” trailer, there is enough gore here to keep the most hardened sicko happy and there will surely be plenty more come early September when Sega’s horrorfest is due to be released.

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