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Aliens: Colonial Marines – New Trailer

Published by in News on August 24th, 2011

  By now we all know the basics behind the story, your a bad-ass marine set in to find out what happened to some equally bad-ass marines. So just to get you in the mood here’s another new trailer released by SEGA for their upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines title. With the game set for a spring 2012 release are SEGA are starting to get the wheels of hype in motion a little early? I can honestly say Hell No!! I’ve watched the video six or seven times now and still want more, if this trailer does not make you jump up

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Gamescom 2011: FIFA12, Mass Effect 3,Might and Magic Heroes VI and more…

Published by in News on August 20th, 2011

With day 2/3 (depending on how you look at it) of Gamecom 2011 under way, here’s a quick round up of some of the title that have come out so far. FIFA 12     EA SPORTS SSX     Might and Magic Heroes VI     TERA     Sonic Generations   http://youtu.be/3Z7z7GLq58o   Prototype 2       Guild Wars 2   http://youtu.be/F7yugNGrb1w     Uncharted 3 Gameplay       Mass Effect 3       Soul Calaber V   http://youtu.be/RyZzx5_R4l4   Devil May Cry 5     DoTa2      

Aliens: Colonial Marines New Screenshots

Published by in News on August 20th, 2011

  I must admit as a huge fan of the Aliens series. I am always looking forward to a new Aliens game, unfortunately the majority of them have been crap, but Aliens: Colonial Marines could be something special. Set 11 months after the end of Aliens, which most fans will agree was the definitive movie and still in my all time top five, the bad-ass space marines are back  on LV-426, its just you and your team against the Xenomorph horde. And it’s promising to stick close to the events that took place in Aliens with players able to: “go

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Jitterblood – Rise of Nightmares’ Charleston of Horror

Still think the Kinect is for kids and drunks? Think again… We had been promised that Rise of Nightmares would be the first truly adult hardcore game to make its way to Microsoft’s control free system, but even we have been impressed with the level of the old ultra violence in the new “Red Band” trailer, there is enough gore here to keep the most hardened sicko happy and there will surely be plenty more come early September when Sega’s horrorfest is due to be released.

Shinobi – 3DS Teaser Trailer

Our favourite Ninja is back and this time he’ll be hurling his throwing stars in glorious 3D on Nintendo’s latest handheld device. Due for release this September, Sega are starting to crank up the hype machine with this new trailer taking us through Shinobi’s previous outings and bringing us right up to date with what we can expect from the new title.

Aliens Colonial Marines

Published by in News on July 4th, 2011

Is this going to be the one?  Can Aliens: Colonial Marines deliver the terror of the aliens films? It looks like it might be able to do that and more. Aliens: Colonial Marines has been developed by Gearbox Software and will be published by Sega. The release date is currently set for spring 2012, and will be available on the PS3, Xbox360, Wii-U, DS and PC. Ok so not much is given away in the new teaser trailer from Sega, but it did make me go weak at the knees. So just in case you missed it here’s the  

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Play while you Pee! Improve your aim… Jap style!

Published by in Uncategorized on January 11th, 2011

Here’s some Toilet humour for ya… Have you ever been peeing into a urinal and thought ‘this would make a great game’?? Then this ones for you ya crazy fruit cake! It would seem that Sega are interesting in putting games in the toilet… I’m not referring to some crappy titles of late, I mean it literally. ‘Toylets’ is the prototype pissing game that is currently being tested in Japan and involves a screen at eye level for the player and a illustrated pressure pad in the actual pot in order to be pissed upon. The strength and accuracy of

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Iron Man 2 Game – Heavy Metal by 2

Published by in News on February 5th, 2010

Well, the first Iron Man game was about as much fun as scrubbing pots and pans so can they turn a hunk of junk into a Metal fest? Here hoping! The addition of what seems like a Co-Op setup just might help…

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