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Everquest 2 – Freeport Gets a Makeover

Update 62 (62?!? Christ!) is winging its way to the world of Everquest 2 and bringing with it a major makeover for the city of Freeport. The MMO which celebrated its seventh anniversary earlier this month sees its eighth expansion, Age of Discovery, arrive on the 30th of November and will have several new features including allowing players to build their own dungeons, a return of the Beastlords and making the game fully free-to-play with various other payment options for those who wish to have extra content. With the 62nd update comes a change to the city of Freeport as Lucan

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DC Universe – Free to Play From November 1st

Have you ever seen a fish out of water? The way it flops and fights for it’s dear life against all odds? MMO’s do the very same thing you know and this big fecking carp has been on the river bank for some time now. A few weeks ago Sony announced it’s cross platform superhero extravaganza was going free to play, which was of little surprise to anyone who keeps an eye on these things. With quite hefty losses in terms of player numbers the Japanese games giant is hoping to follow in the footsteps of other MMO’s which have

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Gamescom 2011: FIFA12, Mass Effect 3,Might and Magic Heroes VI and more…

Published by in News on August 20th, 2011

With day 2/3 (depending on how you look at it) of Gamecom 2011 under way, here’s a quick round up of some of the title that have come out so far. FIFA 12     EA SPORTS SSX     Might and Magic Heroes VI     TERA     Sonic Generations   http://youtu.be/3Z7z7GLq58o   Prototype 2       Guild Wars 2   http://youtu.be/F7yugNGrb1w     Uncharted 3 Gameplay       Mass Effect 3       Soul Calaber V   http://youtu.be/RyZzx5_R4l4   Devil May Cry 5     DoTa2      

DC Universe Online – The Green Lantern “Fight for the Light” DLC Trailer

Sony Online Entertainment’s MMORPG, DC Universe Online, gets a expansion pack later this summer which will offer players the chance to get their hands on the much longed for light powers. Both heroes and villains will be able to join forces with either Green Lantern Corps or Sinestro Corps respectively in all new adventures for level 30 characters which will integrate into your own personal story-arch as you take on the rank of a deputy and get your hands on a shiny ring with embedded powers. This new trailer first shown at Comic-Con this week, shows off some of the

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