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Thief 4 – It’s coming…

Published by in News on December 19th, 2011

Thief 4 is coming in the next year or so. Not a lot to go on really, only that it exists! I was a big fan of the previous Thief games on the PC. The combo of stealth and sword fighting were the foundations for some of the great fantasy games today, such as Skyrim. The haunting scenery along with a mix of ghoulish and mechanical enemies made this a very unique game franchise which was arguably an influence for Bioshock. Story and plot were key with atmosphere just oozing from your computer screen. It was special! There is a

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Final Fantasy XIII-2: Opening Cinematic

Ah Final Fantasy, how I loved thee, yet at some point our relationship turned into something distasteful like that of a University romance. You started exploring different combat systems and although at first I found your badly written scripts and story-arches adorable, alas they now grate on me like nails on a blackboard. Square Enix flagship titles and I parted ways after about 49 minutes into Final Fantasy XIII, but just the same as when you see an old flame strutting their stuff after you’ve torn each others souls to shreds, you do think “Christ, what have I done?”. This

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The Eyeborg Documentary – Bionic Balls!!

Published by in News on August 29th, 2011

Do you remember Steve Austin? – No, not the beer drinking redneck wrestler – Im talking about the star of 70/80′s TV show ‘The 6 Million Dollar Man‘? Boy did they get that show way wrong, if only they had of know that in the future six million dollars would barley cover a good plastic surgeon and a new ball sack. Should really have been the ‘60 Billion Dollar Man‘ – then you might get two balls and a member! Anyway, now that Deus Ex HR is on the shelves, cyborgs are kicking ass all over the place, so it

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Combat Trailer

It’s the third trailer for Eidos’ cyberpunk action RPG inside of a couple of weeks and this time we get talked through the games combat. With the release date set for the latter part of August this year, the action surrounds Adam Jensen, a security specialist who is given the task of protecting a highly sophisticated bio-tech company. When the facility is attacted by Black Ops and all of the scientists are slaughtered, it would seem that something more sinister is going on. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is published by Square Enix and will be available on Xbox 360, PS3

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Deus Ex – Human Revolution Cinematic Gameplay Trailer – Oooo The Drama!

Published by in News on July 13th, 2011

Deus Ex is looking very moody and atmospheric which bodes well for us gamers that love a meaty story game! It seems to be keeping with the Deus Ex of old with its mix of Cyberpunk and Corporate espionage smothered in tones of religious mysticism. It also has a flavour of the ancient but brilliant ‘Syndicate’ – I almost have a bionic boner just thinking about it! So here’s hoping it will be kick ass when released soon on 26th of August. The drama is building nicely in the trailer below and has a strong ‘cinimatic’ vibe to it, lets

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution – 30 Minutes of Gameplay

Got half an hour to kill? Even if you haven’t its worth finding time to grab yourself a refreshing beverage, sit back and check out these three videos containing over 10 minutes of gameplay each. We get talked through the action by the games director Jean-Francois Dugas, who gives us the low down on various mechanics, UI, mini games and a whole lot of other stuff. Deus Ex: Human Revolution arrives this August on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. More Deus Ex: Human Revolution Videos More Deus Ex: Human Revolution Videos More Deus Ex: Human Revolution Videos

Dead Island – PC Specs Announced

When the Zombie Apocalypse does arrive (and it will) I would suggest you don’t use a PC or any other gaming platform to take down the Deadheads as they come clawing at your front door, for one a PC is to bulky and you’ll never get enough grip on it for a good swing and secondly if the Apocalypse only last for a short while your going to have a bugger of a time explaining how you got the cooling fans clogged up with brains to your insurance company after its all over. While we are still taking out virtual

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution New Screens

By Jingo some new screenshots for Edios Montreal’s and Square Enix’s First Person RPG have arrived. Set for release this August on PC, Xbox and PS3 these tantalisingscreens include some metal shiny people whomight be robots, some elbow killing action and a man with an eye-patch point a gun at us.  Set 25 years before the original game and spanning five cities including Detroit, Shanghai and Montreal, this game will certainly be awaited with baited breath by both long standing fans of the series and newcomers alike.

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