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Star Wars Tie fighter game on your iPhone… cool!

Published by in Uncategorized on November 3rd, 2010

Not really into the whole portable gaming personally but this looks like it could be fun for more than five minuets, check out the vid below to see just how clever this lil game is. Shoot Tie fighters down in your surrounding environment, class eh! Wonder if it work with loads of naked chicks as a background… hmm, only one way to find out eh!

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Star Wars – The Force Unleashed 2 – The Starkiller story and some dirty rumours!

Published by in News on August 17th, 2010

Did you know that when old bearded wobbly neck George was coming up with his space opera that Luke was originally to be a non human hero called Starkiller? Yep, but thankfully someone said, ‘Oi Lucas you twat, don’t do it!’ So he didn’t… Turns out that it was a good choice as he has made millions and kept us all happy until the prequels, plus now he gets to re-invent Starkiller! If you want to see a bit more about our TFU2 hero than check out the vid below, lots of cool shit to see and not a Jar

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Look who else is in Star Wars TFU 2… It aint Kermit the frog, but your close.

Published by in News on August 13th, 2010

Check out this clip with our favourite inter galactic snot coloured dwarf… Their pulling out all the oldies for this sequel… wonder if Jabba will add some weight – ba-dum-tishhh!

Get your Bobba Feet here…

Published by in News on August 9th, 2010

Adidas are doing a range of Star Wars foot ware and clothing for the geek within. The image above is of the cooldaddy Bobba Fett sneakers, jet pack not included! Check out the full selection at the home site here. This should appeal to all you nutters out there… wonder do they come in size 14, hmmm.

Star Wars – The Force Unleashed 2 – Dev Doc and Boba Fett, yay!

Published by in News on July 27th, 2010

Check out the vidz below for the lowdown on The Force Unleashed 2, and guess what… Bobba Fett makes an appearance!! Great! Wonder if there will be some DLC that lets you play as the Boba dude or will you just have to kick his ass? Hmmm. Enjoy!

Star Wars – The Force Unleashed II – E3 trailer

Published by in News on June 12th, 2010

I think its fair to say the the original ‘Force Unleashed’ had its issues and was a love it or hate it kind of game, I imagine this will be no different. Personally I loved it and when you consider the steaming pile of prequels and other Star Wars crap that has been barfed up then this starts to look even better, either way it is a fab trailer for any Star Wars fan. How many Stormtroopers does it take to screw up an apprentices day? The hint is – They Cant!

Xbox Live Star Wars Avatars – Dress up!

Published by in Uncategorized on May 19th, 2010

Well, if you are mad enough to spend dosh on clothes for your Xbox Avatar, then from the 20th of May you can get a whole bunch of Star Wars fancy force frocks for your dolly! Chewy looks rather ill and I’ll bet the Ton-Ton shits all over the place… Like the Boba Fett one, but I just cant bring myself to pay for something that should be free!! Arg… must fight the Dark Urge to buy it! See the options below anyhoo…

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II – Release Date

Published by in News on May 5th, 2010

Looks like we will be kicking more stormtrooper ass this year with the release of SW:TFU 2. It was announced on ‘Star Wars Day’ (April 4th… but everyday for me!) that this sequel will levitate onto shelves on October 26th – 2010. Yay! You can see the trailer at the official website where you can then join the Face book crowd too, or not…

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