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Syndicate – Co Op video!

Published by in News on November 17th, 2011

Its is very easy to be sceptical about the new Syndicate, especially if you are old and ugly enough to have played the originals. The joys that four men in trench coats brought to millions of nerdy PC players back in the day was delightful, if not a little weird. Then the follow up of Syndicate Wars with its flashy new 3D environments was for gamers, like giving mars bars to a toddler. Great memories of great games. When I first heard they were doing a remake I was giddy with delight and skipped all the way home, which is

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Syndicate – Hostile Takeover Trailer

Long, long ago, when the world was a brighter place and I still had most of my hair, Bullfrog was (at least for my money) the greatest of the great in terms of developers and their 1993 hit Syndicate was one of the many gems to come out of the studio. Next year will see the re-imagining of the title, as developed by the good folks at Starbreeze Studios, who are moving from the tactical isometric to the FPS. In this new trailer we get to see some of the co-op action from this Cyber-Punk shooter which will be available on

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