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Call of Duty – Black Ops – Escalation is a Go!

Published by in News on April 11th, 2011

**Update ** Screw the Rock – I can smell when a rumour is cooking true or false and this one had true tattooed on its ass from the start – Its official ‘Escalation‘ for Black ops is a go!! Its coming on the 3rd of May to Xbox, so less than a month to wait. Major Nelson let the monkey out of the bag today (check here for that). He also revealed that it is going to be the usual rip off price of 1,200msp – Told ya it would be that too, didn’t I, eh! So I recon I’ll

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Call of Duty – Black Ops – Berlin Wall trailer – Funny shit!

Published by in News on March 4th, 2011

This is just genius and a must watch!! Its the Berlin wall trailer for the PS3 First Strike maps… and it rocks. It sooo 80′s. Watch out for the white dove who learns a lesson about shitting on soldiers and the Scorpions soundtrack is just cheesy in the best possible way – love it! Gotta hand it to Treyarch, they may not be quite as slick as Infinity ward but man they are way funnier!!! Nice one lads! Enjoy. Now… where did I leave that air guitar, hmm…

Call of Duty – Black Ops – First Strike Trailer

Published by in News on January 26th, 2011

Ya knew it was coming and it will explode onto the Xbox 360 on the 1st of February. Ps3 and PC gamers will have to wait another lil while unfortunately but I imagine it will only be a few weeks. More general details here. Check out the trailer below to get a taste of the carnage to follow!

COD – Black Ops – Map Pack – First Strike – Feb 1st!

Published by in News on January 17th, 2011

Here we go with the Activision rip off plan… four new Multi player maps and a zombie mode map all for the neat price of 1200msp… neat my ass!! That’s twice the price of four Halo maps, WTF!! Slightly better than MW2′s offerings last year I guess… but still, what extortion! Anyway, if you love COD enough then ya will deffo get these and I have to admit they do look pretty interesting, just have a look at the vid below. The maps will be out on the Xbox 360 on February 1st (2011). PC and PS3 should get it

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Call Of Duty Black Ops – Easter eggs and Unlockables

Published by in News on November 10th, 2010

Now that COD BO is being played with more than Charlie Sheens wiggley bits, we all have an idea of just how good the game is… but if that’s not enough for ya and you are wondering how to play that mini game DOA that you may have heard about or for loads more goody bits, just check out the G4 reveal below. Don’t worry, theres no spoilers. Its a nice touch this, I like it! Other game developers – take note! Good one for all you computer nerds out there also…

COD – Black Ops – Ice T, Floating Apples and a good Review!

Published by in News on November 9th, 2010

OK, its out! The most talked about game of the year has hit our screens and the carnage will now commence. To celebrate we have three nice vids for you below. The first is Ice T unpacking the ‘Prestige’ edition, where he also shares his xbox call sign, followed by the Game Trailers video review which has a few surprises in it (like a hidden mini game) and lastly is the first glitch to appear in COD BO… is it a noob tube glitch? Or perhaps an immunity glitch? Well, ya will just have to watch the video to find

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Call of Duty – Black Ops – Maps, Killstreak, Ice Cube and Cucumbers!

Published by in News on October 28th, 2010

Wanna know what goodies are gonna be in COD BO? And no, I don’t mean the fishy smell, I mean the game! Then here is a lil peak at some screen shots that reveal the multi player bits Below – (thanks to Kotaku). First image is the maps, they all look fairly standard names for a map… except ‘Nuke Town’ perhaps… Is that where Duke lives maybe? Ops, wrong game. The second image is some of the kill streaks which seem to include Dogs, Napalm and sheep bombs!! No, just kidding about the sheep, thought I was looking at the

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Call of Duty – Black Ops – New Single player trailer.

Published by in News on October 12th, 2010

Check out this latest trailer for the single player of Call of Duty Black Ops, it looks nice! There’s even a lil bit of what looks like ‘The Deer Hunter’ in there… I recon allot of Vietnam movies will be referenced in one way or another, which would be kinda cool! Wonder if there will be any Rambo stuff… Aidriannnnnn. Opps, wrong movie.

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