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Dead Space 2 DLC – Severed – Ouch!

Published by in News on February 24th, 2011

On March 1st (2nd in Europe) you can download new content for Dead Space 2 and its not just a few Multi player maps, oh no its a single player horror fest, two chapters long… in fact theres no mention of MP maps at all, but who cares. Judging from the trailer vid below you are not taking the role of Issac, instead it looks like your Gabe Weller – a security guard from ‘DS: Extraction’. A unique weapon, better suit and the return of the ‘Twitcher’ from DS1 are promised. It will be 560msp on Xbox and $6.99 (£5.46)

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Dead Space 2 – Mommy says NO!!!

Published by in News on January 17th, 2011

A stroke of genius here! With just a couple of weeks left to the arrival of Dead Space 2, the lads over at Visceral games have released the vid below as a promo. It involves a bunch of moms checking out the game and giving their thoughts. Though their dislike for the game is predictable its is still fun to witness… and as they say – its a great way to know if something is good!They hate it… good news for us!

Dead Space 2 – Sprawl Trailer – Yum Yum!

Published by in News on December 10th, 2010

Should have just enough time to clear the game schedule in order to enjoy this when it comes out… It looks gooey!

Dead Space 2 – Ring around the Rosie Trailer!

Published by in News on November 5th, 2010

Prepare to be spooked and maybe poo yourself a lil! The singer sound familiar… Bjourk/Bork/BeeOrk or whatever that nutty chicks name is? Or perhaps its just some X factor looser… who cares, it sounds great! Looks fooking awesome!! Bring it on Space Zombies… bring it on!

Dantes Inferno – The Review.

Published by in Reviews on March 1st, 2010

Dantes Inferno EA, Visceral Games, Xbox 360, PS3, PC There has been a bolloc load of hype around this hack n slasher prior to release and a bit of a hate campaign after, so with all the marketing and media surrounding this title it is fair to say that the essential truth about Dante’s inferno has been lost in the mix and that is – Does it suck like a 20 stone midget on a milkshake or is it the angelic blood fest we want it to be? After playing the demo I was not impressed and felt very let

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Dantes Inferno DLC – Ta Hell with it!

Published by in News on February 9th, 2010

Here we go again, more DLC almost at the same time of the game. The concept of DLC is being raped and abused, seems that is now just a way to milk more cash out of gamers instead of prolonging the life of the games. Well if your into it the image above shows what to expect for Dante’s Inferno DLC. I really enjoyed the pretty but dumb God of War rip off but does it deserve DLC? Ea thinks so… but their a greedy bunch, Gluttony comes to mind!

Dante’s Inferno – Sneak peak at CO op add-on and TV ad.

Published by in News on February 3rd, 2010

More double trouble, this time for Dante’s Inferno. Apparently a DLC will be released after the game based on user created levels, that’s kinda cool I recon… also the option to have co-op play, that’s also kinda cool! I just hope the game is cool to begin with! Also is the TV ad for the game without nudity or any of the stuff that will make this game the hellish experience we are expecting, looks more like an episode of Grey Anatomy… yuk! Truly Hellish!

Dante’ s Inferno – Fraud – The 8th Circle.

Published by in News on January 13th, 2010

It seems that the 8th circle of hell is Fraud, I know a few people who have skipped the other circle’s and gone straight to this… Bankers for one, even many in the games industry, including EA themselves… Trying to make out that this is a great game! Id love to get excited about this but since playing the demo I just don’t have it in me… never the less here is the latest Dev Diary – Fraud.

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