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Saints Row The Third – Meet the Deckers

With only a few months until The Saints are back in action, THQ are introducing us to the technological badass’s, the Deckers, just when you thought the third installment in the sandbox franchise couldn’t get any weirder, everthing goes a bit Tron. The Saints come face to face with these wizards of tech who are lead by a contender for most punchable character of the year, if this new trailer is anything to go by. Saints Row The Third arrives on the 15th of November in the United States and the 18th in Europe, on PS3, PC and Xbox 360.

Saints Row: The Third – Meet The Saints Trailer

More Saints Row action as we follow our favourite street gang on a bank heist that doesn’t go quite to plan, in a trailer with enough ball kicking to put a Premiership footballer to shame. Volition Inc and THQ’s action sandbox romp hits the shelves this November on Xbox 360, PC and PS3.

Saints Row: The Third – Power Trailer

For right or wrong THQ’s Saints Row trilogy will always be compared to the behemoth that is the Grand Theft Auto series, but this new title is shaping up to be a little bit special. In new footage the lead writer on all three games, Steve Jaros, takes us through various aspects of the title that picks up the action at the end of Saints Row 2, where the Saints have defeated the rival gangs of Stillwater and have crushed the influence of Ultor Corporation. With a change of playable area promised, a stylized version of Chicago called Steelport and

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