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WoW: Hours of Twilight Patch Detailed

Due to be released toward the end of this year or the beginning of the next, Blizzard’s latest content patch for World of Warcraft have had some flesh put on it bones in this new preview trailer. The significant new content revolves around a number of dungeons including, End Time, Well of Eternity and Hour of Twilight, which will challenge players as they seek to obtain some of the best loot available. Raid fans will also find that Hours of Twilight will have something for them with what is being described as WoW’s most “epic” 10 to 20 man experience, Dragon

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Chuck Norris Finally Cashes in on MMO Notoriety

If you’ve played WoW or almost any other MMO over the last few years and have found yourself needing an answer to a reasonable question, there is more than a fair chance that some yet to be discovered comedy great will offer you and answer that involves the words Chuck and Norris. Annoying? Certainly, but not just because some pubescent cock knocker has not answered your query, they have also now started a torrent of other pubescent cock knockers off on the same rib-tickling shtick, filling your chat window with bullshit for at least the next 20 minutes. This might

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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria – Preview Trailer

I know it’s not the coolest thing to own up to for a lot of gamers, but I don’t give a toss, I’m a WoW player and have been for a long time, in fact I love Blizzard’s MMO behemoth so much that in my free time (usually during sever maintenance down time) I aprehend gold sellers and administer beatings using the offenders own shoes as my correctional tool of choice. We WoW’ers are now used to getting our first glimpes of new expansions to the world of Azeroth at Blizzcon and this years event did not disappoint as this

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NerdRage – Eat my Keyboard!

Published by in Funnies on February 2nd, 2011

Sometimes it is better to play games alone… epically for this dudes friend, ouch! Good thing they were only playing World of Warcraft and not Super Meat boy eh!

Bonecraft – The WoW porno… Wow!

Published by in Funnies on January 25th, 2011

They say you haven’t made a classic movie till a porno copies it… well Blizzard will be glad to see that this has bled into games too. Bonecraft is the, um, adult version of World of Warcraft with a splash of Starcraft. This marine makes Buzz Lightyear look like a puff, thankfully there is no Woody.. e-herm. Not sure about the smarties coloured elf chicks either… its all a bit mad. The whole thing is really just a bit of fun but you might want to make sure your in a safe place before watching the trailer below. And yes…

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WoW Prank – Geek Freak!

Published by in Uncategorized on May 14th, 2010

At first it looks like someone stole this dudes Twinkies but it soon becomes apparent that his buddy changed the log in password to World at Warcraft. Imagine if something serious happened… like Twinkies going missing!

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