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WWE 12 – Launch Trailer

Fans of well oiled men in spandex everywhere will be rejoicing this week as one of the worlds most homoerotic franchises beats a path to the door of gaming retailers. That’s right you Freudian freaks, WWE 12 sees its release in the USA today and this coming Friday in Europe with a improved control system and the Dev’s bringing that Smackdown feel in to what is essentially the Raw series. This is the launch trailer full of big burly blokes taking out their steroid induced rage on different types of furniture.

WWE 12 Gameplay Video

Professional wrestlers, highly skilled athletes or steroid riddled meat heads wearing girly spandex? Which ever side of the argument you come down on, its hard to deny there have been some fantastic wrestling games produced over the last 25 years, from the arcade classics such as WWF Wrestlefest to the more resent outings such as last years WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011. WWE 12 is the first in the long line of titles which is being produced exclusively for modern consoles and is an attempt to reboot the WWE gaming franchise after some critics accused last years release of beginning

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